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[dig040] Various Artists - Tesla155

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"There is something within me that might be illusion as it is often case with young delighted people, but if I would be fortunate to achieve some of my ideals, it would be on the behalf of the whole of humanity. If those hopes would become fulfilled, the most exiting thought would be that it is a deed of a Serb." (Nikola Tesla)

For some he is a genius. For some he is the greatest Inventor of modern history. For some he is still unknown - although we use his technology nearly every day. Nikola Teslas life and visions are exciting stories - some of the visions sound unbelievable, but worth a listen. His concepts of Electromagnetic Fields and Free Energy are more than just fiction and could solve many modern Problems...

Zimmer-records (Germany), Diggarama (Croatia), Bleepsequence (USA) and Klangboot Radio (Germany) honour this great man, and releases a special collection following his path: FREE ENERGY - FOR ALL!!!


video 1 -> http://vimeo.com/psycoded/tesla
video 2 -> http://vimeo.com/psycoded/tesla2


Phase I
Tesla155.1.01 maximinus - for thoose who dont feel music
Tesla155.1.02 rafal fürst - street of...
Tesla155.1.03 lackluster - 588177 apparatus for producing ozone
Tesla155.1.04 aerror - distant connection
Tesla155.1.05 pissoir - quanya
Tesla155.1.06 clear planet - what we see
Tesla155.1.07 cagey house - billboard whiskers
Tesla155.1.08 g shame - core meltdown
Tesla155.1.09 narcotic 303 - fusion
Tesla155.1.10 mirza zadeh - reflections
Tesla155.1.11 nuance - utopist
Tesla155.1.12 christian fricker - burning

Phase II
Tesla155.2.01 omara - distress flashing before me
Tesla155.2.02 marvelous - on rail
Tesla155.2.03 oliver martini - return to nowhere
Tesla155.2.04 falk - falscher applaus
Tesla155.2.05 revy - coagulate
Tesla155.2.06 pasquale maassen - frozen attic
Tesla155.2.07 ulf kramer - 010711190418
Tesla155.2.08 blurix - the morning after
Tesla155.2.09 dj wank - cutting jazz
Tesla155.2.10 j.p.morgan - wardenclyffe tower
Tesla155.2.11 doryk - big blunt theory
Tesla155.2.12 nick robson - high vibrations

Phase III
Tesla155.3.01 dJ airshot - explosions in the sky
Tesla155.3.02 vector commander - offbeat system
Tesla155.3.03 gabeen - ctrl
Tesla155.3.04 tony silver - naomi
Tesla155.3.05 xilinox aka the bee - pandorum
Tesla155.3.06 psychosonic - fooling around
Tesla155.3.07 nico grubert - thriller
Tesla155.3.08 psycoded - US-Pat Nr. 685.957
Tesla155.3.09 tuomas rantanen - shadow generator
Tesla155.3.10 andreas florin - the result
Tesla155.3.11 dj fm - iron lung
Tesla155.3.12 joern hollmann~~~~~


[dig039] Mix-toor - Paper Heart
(whole release from www.archive.org)

.: 01. Through the hard way
.: 02. Coming to you [16-30]
.: 03. Paper Heart Intro
.: 04. Paper Heart
.: 05. Game for one player
.: 06. Eyes-Heart
.: 07. Eyes-Heart [Little Nastya remix]
.: 08. Fly So High
.: cover
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Broken beat and still tells the whole story and believe us when we claim that this album certainly has a tight and most interesting story to tell you. An 8-track album filled with noted emotions and beats that follow up on each footstep. From ambient sounds to abstract sounds with most experimental approach in quite some time. Yet, this album is a note that was missing for quite some time in the world of electronic music. Retrosound meets today meets tomorrow meets reminder of DJ Shadow's early works. This is the one you should have on your iPod, PC, CD, in your car... in some light and bright and also those lonely moments in time. Enjoy this album by Diggarama netlabel's new artist Mix-toor. We surely enjoyed listening it and are now enjoying sharing it with you. And a small note by artist himself regarding this release: "Paper Heart is not a battle. There is a little story which impresses love, the sun and her eyes."


[dig038] Mammal Footwork - Wallop Remix EP

(whole release from www.archive.org)

.: 01 Wallop (Deimos Remix)

.: 02 Wallop (Yashpal vs. PsiloCybian Remix)

.: 03 Wallop (Odium Remix)

.: 04 Wallop (Sumea Natami Remix)

.: cover

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Depth sensation is the ability to move accurately, or to respond consistently, based on the distances of objects in an environment. We hope that this fine and deep (and we truly mean - fine and deep) release will make you respond accordingly. Previously released on the mighty Horns & Hoofs label by our very own producer PsiloCybian under his moniker "Mammal Footwork". Since the newly created and remixed EP didn't fit the label profile Wallop EP found its new home at the Diggarama house of style and groove. One man, one EP, four remixes. Like always, every artist took on the form he finds the most suitable and gave it some personal and clearly recognizable touch. From some kind of psy-tech to some seriously deep house that leans to almost minimal waters and with two deep soulful techno stompers (nick-nacks and everything included) meant for the dancefloors.

Wallop (Deimos Remix) - Truly a track that should and shurely will find its way to the dancefloors. It would perfectly fit into any house, mnml, or even techno set. A "Deimos" signature written all over it in notes, chords & beats.

Wallop (Yashpal vs. PsiloCybian Remix) - Energetic, yet still... Pushing, yet quite calm. Synths that will stab you right trough the myst of your thoughts on any-given-Sunday and pure & simple but fitting groove that'll make you move.

Wallop (Odium Remix) - Shuffled remix of Wallop by Odium is a true "move your body all around" track. Whispers in the night just won't do this time. Windy and reverb-lovely and at the same time maybe the most aggresive remix on the EP. Mnml techno lovers, here's your treat. Catch!

Wallop (Sumea Natami Remix) - What begins as a pure mnml bass-driven track, ends up to be a upgrading, slowly click-2-click movement in the track. Violins, deep bass and a mellow melody will make you move your shoulders as this track would fit fine in some calmer mix and even a home listening in piece.


[dig037] AEOD - Fin Du Monde EP

(whole release from www.archive.org)

.: 01 Dungeon Kombat

.: 02 Jax and Liam (In Space Remix)

.: 03 Warehouse

.: 04 Wilddub 5

.: cover

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After being away for a while and stomping over the world to find that special sound so we could tease you & please you in any maner necessary to make you dance. We came back with all kind of nasty treats for you. This time, we begin at "the end". Yes, an avant-garde approach from us to you. AEOD is back! – Pure techno sound at its best. A 4-track EP that will not disappoint you but bring you back to life and on the dancefloor. "Fin Du Monde" or in translation from French: "The End of The World". – Indeed it is. The end of the world as we know it. – Ready?


Dungeon Kombat – It's not nice to compare works of great artists so much since the subjectivity will be in charge in some percentage. Still, in this case, we can't take our minds and ears from one true fact – the sound of "Dungeon Kombat" is the sound of legacy that fathers of detroit techno music left us. Banging and deep, evolving and spreading.

Jax and Liam (In Space Remix) – This is an extended 'club version' of the track for all of you who like to dance to that specific groove 'a second longer'. Nasty game play of panoramic shuffling, reverbed parts, synth and percusions that drive you.. and drive you.. and drive you.. far, far away…

Warehouse – Short, but everlasting and everbanging track that is somewhere between "bonus beats" and "techno masterpiece". Experimental approach to pure techno trough live play. Enjoy this 'bridge', and be sure to cross to the other side of it.

Wilddub 5 – A track that will form this short story to it's last details and lead us to a happy end. Mind the left-right chanel play and carefully live-played elements that effect the whole track from the first to the last second while the gentle synth is playing and carying you trough the track along with a deep and powerfull bass. Yes, this is techno.


[dig036] Deimos - Ruptured EP

(whole release from www.archive.org)


.: Ruptured (8:15)

.: Chest Pain (7:10)

.: Drifter (7:47)

.: cover

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Let it roll, out of control... Hitting you hard and melodic this time with psy beats and twists you can't imagine that go (from time to time) to some kind of evil and dark psy dnb. You know how we like to stir up some dark waters, to experiment with sounds to supply the maximum amount of euphoria when needed. You all know of psy trance, roight? You all know of broken beats aka breakbeat aka not-4x4 rhythm? Now combine those two together and add some spicey atmosphere filled with dark sounds and dirty beats, acidelic, trancedelic, breakbeatnik... A tasteful bits for everyone.

Music wasn't so twisted in a while here at Diggarama house of eclecticism.


Ruptured - Ready? – Now go! Energetic track with driving synth-lines & drums conjoining with powerful electrized 303 and much, much more.

Chest Pain - A fine piece of work with a "Deimos" trademark sound runing trough the whole 7 minutes of the track. Fast, evolving and again – with the softest pads & sharpest, resonance filled 303 as it should be and where it should be.

Drifter - Wandering off into the space and back to the Earth's core, and then back to the surface amongst all of the living world. "Drifter" is a track which concludes this short story of fast, yet harmonic beats, mellodies and feelings. Don’t miss the beautifull break & the synth it brings out. This one is "a keeper" – for home listening, drive around, bedroom & club DJs.


[dig035] Blurix - The Next Day EP

(whole release from www.archive.org)


.: The Morning After (8:19)

.: The Noon After (7:11)

.: The Evening After (8:23)

.: cover

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Avantgardesque... maybe that should be the word - for new style. Combination of experimental melodies, warp-ish percussions and straight 4x4 kicks. Deep and shallow in the same time... not too deep to boring, and not too shallow to be tooltype techno. We here at Diggarama house of eclecticism like to say that boundaries are made to be broken, jumped over, run over and thrown in the air and then kicked to be out of the way.

The Next Day EP is so far over the boundaries of anything similar relased on Diggarama so far... Another high quality stuff that reaches from the rhythm machines and synths over to your brain and plays some wicked and awesome piano lines through the entire EP. Put your mind to motion... in this release it's all about the feelings.


[dig034] Various Artists - Diggabeats

(whole release from www.archive.org)


.: 01 Random Angels - Dust 'n' Drum [live]

.: 02 Izmar - Unity

.: 03 FFFC - Market

.: 04 Alura - DreamZ

.: 05 Boris The Blade - Reaktivate

.: 06 Vadz - Trace Occult

.: 07 N-ter - 5000 Miles

.: 08 Rabitza - Space Ass Hole

.: 09 Doctor's Orders - Negative IQ

.: 10 Xenom - Slide

.: 11 Illumination - Vivid

.: 12 Dyspeptic - Fruitoflove

.: 13 Vox - Addendum

.: 14 PsiloCybian - Agitator

.: 15 Deimos - No Quarantine (Remix)

.: 16 Transient - Little Things

.: 17 TKY - Under Sky

.: 18 Nesha Tehnika - Soul Riders

.: 19 Veztax - Thought So

.: 20 Blue Forest - Enlightened

.: 21 AC3PO - Prokulin ft. Inkognito RMX

.: 22 Guido - Ghetto Kills

.: 23 Psycoded vs Crutch - Dark & Short

.: 24 Ronny Pries - Down The Drain

.: 25 Pasquale Maassen - Mantis

.: 26 Sascha Müller - Hart & Laut

.: cover

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Sweeeeet! It was... yeah... this is one awkward moment... more than 2 years since our last big release and various artist compilation. So, sorry for that - let's hope that will not happen ever again. We've decided to make this release highly eclectic and its sole purpose is to fulfill you and make you force us do some more stuff like this. Like before, we present you the Diggarama allstars together with some new people (to you and to us), some of our dear friends that decided to join our house of style and rhythm. From ambient electronica to pumping techno and finishing with a big bang in a form of tribute to the rave track that sounds like something you've listened to in high school (happy, fast and extremely movable). And somewhere in the middle you can find some nice and easy to listen varieties of styles and some very new and interesting crossover techniques.

It wasn't an easy task to co-ordinate so many people, but we were never so proud with the result. Eclectic, electronic and diverse. Over two hours of music. 26 tracks. A bit more artists (long live the co-ops, he he). Plus we'd like to mention (or to emphesize, to be more precise) that there are so many good quality artists with us in this Diggarama journey. From all corners of the globe, from almost every continent with so many musical expressions - we have over 60 artists so far. And without any false modesty we think that's truly a praiseworthy fact.

There's a bit of music for everyone in this release. You don't trust us? Why don't you take a listen, then.


[dig033] DraCo - Drummer's Soul Remixes EP

(whole release from www.archive.org)


.: 01 Drummer's Path (Perfect Blind Remix)

.: 02 Drummer's Soul (Tripio Remix)

.: 03 Drummer's Soul (Nulix Dawn Remix)

.: 04 Drummer's Soul (Archangel Mix)

.: cover

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From the dawn of time... In a craddle of human culture, deep in the heart of the black continent, people used to communicate with drums. Wars were brewing, battles were fought and many dawns have started with the beating of the drums.

Hear the drummer's beat, see his dawn, meet his soul and walk along his path. The drums are speaking to you... Can you hear them?

Remixing the 2nd Diggarama release done by DraCo so many years ago... Africa meets Asia rhythms with some african horns and women's moans. It was a challange back in the day, it really was. So after some years we've gathered to assamble a remixed edition of the Drummer's Soul. We took a step backward, disassembled the tracks into tiny pieces and started doing work all over again. The results was 4 different tracks... from dirty beats to movie aesthetics over to four to the floor techno rhythms reminding to oldschool detroit techno with wild outback atmospheres with final touch in the form of stomping techno hoolahoop.


[dig032] Sascha Müller - Tank EP

(whole release from www.archive.org)

.: 01 Aircraft Hangar (8:55)

.: 02 Drop Out (7:27)

.: 03 Contrast (5:48)

.: cover

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Minimalistic EP from our newest memeber Sascha with some nasty kicker moments and acid-ish elements with some mighty tb303 action, smart synths, good groove and awesome atmosphere. Deep down and dirty. For the dancefloor, for the home listening, for the radio, for your Moms and your Dads...

Slow moving but deep digging... The only proper way to listen to this EP is to put your speaker volume to the maximum.

Aircraft Hangar - deep tune with fat acid basslines. Bring the 303 back to its rightful place... on the top of the electronic scene.

Drop Out - catchy melody with some liquid elements phasing you to another dimension... identify yourself with the moving synth play in the background of the track pushing itself toward the front. Lovely.

Contrast - kind of agressive but yet meaningful piece of work. Bring the 90's beat back and watch out for the legendary 808 cowbell. Gives a nice detroit overlook of some sort... don'tcha think?

[dig031] FM - Definition

(whole release from www.archive.org)

.: 01 Morning (1:24)

.: 02 Ambient (6:08)

.: 03 Hellium (4:55)

.: 04 Definition (5:22)

.: 05 Save (4:36)

.: 06 The Lighter Side (6:28)

.: 07 _untitled_ (4:00)

.: 08 Something, somewhere, somehow makes sense (5:20)

.: 09 Traffic (4:05)

.: 10 An Intro (0:52)

.: 11 Methods (Draught Dreams Break) (0:52)

.: 12 Nebo zna (2:26)

.: cover

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A definition is a statement of the meaning of a word or phrase. We state that this release is superb, we mean that there aren't enough words to describe it totally and we are in serious lack of phrases to express our emotions while listening to this album.

Basically it's fulfledged techno with some detours to offroad electronica such as idm or some drilling actions. When it kicks then it kicks loud and proud. When it becomes intelligent then it's smart and wild. Blend into FM's mind and become aware that you're once again attending lectures in modern electronic music. Let it roll, maestro!

There won't be any specific track descriptions since this release is a untold story deserved to be played and defined by you individually.

Everything you know is wrong, everything you hear is absolute truth, everything you want is... here with us. Words are meaningless, sounds will speak for themselves. Once again, we bring you our very own - FM. And his divine sounds (which we like). And once again it's full release in the form of album. Bless you.


[dig030] Nesha Tehnika - NBG Driver

(whole release from www.archive.org)

.: 01 Drifty (6:24)

.: 02 Police (7:41)

.: 03 H2o (6:22)

.: 04 Drive By (7:08)

.: 05 Shadows (7:04)

.: cover

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After some years now, people take their time to think about is the real techno still "real", still "alive". With this release of Serbian master-technician Nesha Tehnika, we’ve come to conclusion that the real techno is for sure "real" and "alive & kicking"! This is a 5-tracker EP called "NBG Driver" and is packed with t-e-c-h-n-o beats, bass, body & soul. Minimal influenced? – Sure! But much more than that, Nesha brings us the taste of what made techno as a genre so popular and yet kept it buried deep & underground for so long. Driving, pumping, minimal.. You asked for it, and we’re bringing it to you. This is NOT! sound of global movement, this is not a revolution, this is not EU / USA.. This is TECHNO!

Drifty - while drifting away through the sounds of a dancefloor madness only one thought comes to mind… Don’t ever stop, don’t ever stop. Deep and moving, subtle but strong. Earcandy.

Police - driving minimalistic techno kicker for the general population, party people, those who think to know and those who still have to learn. It’s not minimal to put sounds in random order over some raindrops samples and bug-like sounds… Minimal is minimal usage of elements to gain the optimal performance.

H2o - deep and dark techno… fullmoon atmosphere with melody that will make you crave for the dancefloor. Happy but mellow and deep… for every occasion. We kid you not.

Drive By - intelligent techno track with powerful beat and with catchy melody. Tends to be nervous, but that’s the charm and beauty of it… When it gets noisy so much, the most beautiful synth comes to action. And it will take you high… High as a hippy on a third day of Woodstock Festival.

Shadows - mover for the end… That doesn’t mean it’s bad or anything… it’s just deserved to be played after previously mentioned to sum up this EP. Stroboscope is needed, dancefloor is essential, people dancing is a must… Let the flow take you. Never surrender, never dance alone. Rave. Dance. Peace. Love. Unity. Over and out.

[dig029] DraCo - Apocrypha

(whole release from www.archive.org)

.: 01 Human Intro (with Kexie) (1:27)

.: 02 Terok Nor (5:52)

.: 03 Soulcatcher's Relic (10:21)

.: 04 Avalon (4:19)

.: 05 Superautodrome (3:38)

.: 06 Athanatic (DraCo's Odeon Remix) (3:09)

.: 07 Satir (6:14)

.: 08 Sacher Nebula (5:06)

.: 09 Human Outro (2:22)

.: 10 Terok Nor (Deimos '94 Remix) (bonus track) (5:14)

.: cover

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Space and time... Faith and chance... These are the forces of the Universe. From the darkest depths of sonic empire comes distinctive call of electronica to all of you eager to chill, to laugh and to be intimidated from time to time. The universe stands in front of you on the floor, in the air, in the mysterious bodies of your dancers, in your mind. From this voyage no one returns poor or weary.

Personal note: "Inspiration for this album (one way or the other) was found in works of Aphex Twin, Orbital, The Orb, FSOL, Fingathing, Ganga Giri, Shpongle, Chi A.D., Solar Quest, Clint Mansell and Beaumont Hannant. The machine shall never cease to function. Keep the solar wind behind your back." [DraCo]

Human Intro - together with Kexie a powerful and melancholic intro track was assembled, but with a message. Broaden your horizons.

Terok Nor - previously released at Groovecaffe label as a EP's headliner and after that used for a soundtrack of a certian TV trailer is a combination of styles, weird atmospheres and nice melodies. Has a wicked vokal play in the background.

Soulcatcher's Relic - ethnic ambience in full effect... gentle female vocals with fat and dirty ethnic beats and a didgeridoo play giving an awesome bassline. Synths are there just to wide the experiece and to give a special twist.

Avalon - mythical island, mythical track... used also in a certain TV trailer (for few seconds only), also previously released on Groovecaffe label. Sometimes questions are more powerful than answers. Anthemic.

Superautodrome - a tribute (only by name) to a beautiful Scoopex 40K intro back on Amiga demo scene. Dirty beats, dirty atmosphere, experimental-ish vocals and bassline growling through the track. Horror-esque but intriguing.

Athanatic (DraCo's Odeon Remix) - the original isn't so dark.. the original doesn't have atmosphere so gothic, the original doesn't have that kind of experimental beat and is vocal free... But the original is still original, this is just a tribute to a great track.

Satir - kind of oldschool... a mixture of ambience and acid. Not to fast or to slow. With a catchy bassline including weird but easy to get used to percussions.

Sacher Nebula - orchestral wonder with female vocals to give a special spice. Bleepeedy-blop-blop bassline with breakbeat and melody that can melt anything. Space adventure into unknown, soundtrack for any day... We know it, you must hear it to believe it. Takes you up high and keeps you there.

Human Outro - originally created for performance at UWOG 4 festival held in Pula (Croatia) in 2006. But the lack of inspiration was too big back in the day. After 2 years the track was finished for a sole purpose of being the outro track.

Terok Nor (Deimos '94 Remix) - bonus track is smart retro remix in the manner of old Guru Josh works. All the elements are there from the original, but re-assembled and put together in a different style, more for the floor with a 4x4 beat.


[dig028] BlueForest - Awakening

(whole release from www.archive.org)

.: 01 Budjenje (3:24)

.: 02 Ocean Bliss (3:54)

.: 03 Reanswer (4:46)

.: 04 Forest Bells (1:53)

.: 05 It's Inside (4:06)

.: 06 Floating (4:12)

.: 07 Waiting (3:34)

.: 08 Forest Mind (4:44)

.: 09 Searching A Mind Forest (5:40)

.: cover

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A long long time ago... In a forest far far away... Something blue was wandering around, searching for the sound... for the form... for the meaning and for the joy.

We bring you this time a discovery from Croatia... BlueForest is his name and making sounds that make you legs tremble is his game. It'll be very hard to describe this album since it's a combination of styles varying from ethnic forms to idm-ish materials that seem like crossover between Squarepusher and Kruder & Dorfmeister. Total weirdness that we like... Welcome, summer grooves!

Awakening is his masterpiece that will introduce you to a new realms of sound and audio journey to another dimension will start. Be one with the nature... Disconnect yourself and embrace the vision and the meaning of this powerful release and let it carry you all the way up. It is so hard (in a good way) to describe this release and that's why we won't make any detail descriptions of individual tracks. Listen to it carefully, one track after another... And you'll know why we mean it. Smart story behind every track, perfect plot and astonishing end.



[dig027] Perfect Blind - Discoveries EP

(whole release from www.archive.org)

.: 01 Descent (Intro) (2:05)

.: 02 The New Old (5:22)

.: 03 Man In New York (Downtempo Remake) (7:22)

.: 04 No Quarantine (7:08)

.: 05 Athanatic (Outro) (2:19)

.: cover

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Light, in the absence of eyes, illuminates nothing. But we are here. Visible forms are not inherent in the world, but are granted by the act of seeing and feeling. Though the world and events do exist independent of mind, they obtain of no meaning in themselves: none that the mind is not guilty of imposing on them.

For centuries we're among you. Moving silently among you, from day to day... aeons ago we came, never left you. Sentinels of your days, leaving you all alone in the dark, but always hiding and waiting for our turn to show up.

But when it's dark outside and you are all alone, you want us... You crave for us, calling us to come to watch over you. We will always be here with you, but sometimes not just when you need us. At the end of your life journey you'll see us... at the end of the tunnel - waiting for you. White, glittering, pure... And you will spread your arms and try to call us and embrace us. We are the the light. And we will be with you till the end of time.

We bring you man that needs no introduction - Perfect Blind and his stunning Discoveries EP. Filled with positive sounds and light in audio sense. This EP is following the circle of life surrounded by the light.

Descent (Intro) - enchanted atmopshere that introduces us to this EP. Dark-ish at the begining but powerful at the end.

The New Old - piano play with some dirty beats. Melody sticks in your mind for a long long looong time.

Man In New York (Perfect Blind Downtempo Remake) - keep calm, disconnect yourself from this world for the moment, be one with yourself and nature around you, follow the light and enjoy life. Very anthemic track... which we like.

No Quarantine - Orbitalesque atmosphere but with dirty and fat knob play on the old Roland TB303. Soundtrack for the clash of the titans and war of the worlds. Hard acid rain of warheads will fall upon us. Forgive us, for we have sinned... and we shall never sin again. We shall prevail.

Athanatic (Outro) - epilogue of this audio journey. Sleep tight and wait for another day.


[dig026] Pasquale Maassen - Open Source EP

(whole release from www.archive.org)

.: 01 Tcsh (5:22)

.: 02 Ash (5:42)

.: 03 X-Term (6:14)

.: 04 Bash (5:40)

.: 05 Dash (5:38)

.: cover

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His name is Pasquale Maassen and he's well known in Germany for his outstanding one-pattern-live-acts that makes crowd goes frenzy. Apart from releasing on Bitshift, Crowbar and other real labels he's a blast from Cologne with style. Full fledged techno, Children, mark our words. This is the sound of pure techno... What used to be pure is now corrupted or more delicately said 'has changed'. Ones views cannot be discussed since we're all different... Still, some say that the 'real techno' is dying. Here's a living proof that this sayings are not true. And not only that techno lives, but it is back in it's full! - Pasquale Maassen brings us to the final frontier... the battle line of the bravest ones with his new 5-track Open Source EP. Fast, hard, driving, moving, bashing.. Let's put it this way: "DAS IST TECHNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!".

Tcsh - driving & flipping... Tcsh is track that seriously involves everyone who hears it into a new kind of looking through the 'electronic-music glasses'. Stop, drop, roll! – This song gives out directives as it was some kind of a smooth & up-running drill sergeant whose manners are polite & intentions are good, yet there’s something about his approach that doesn’t add up to the whole "nice & shiny" picture.

Ash - a techno classic that is suitable for both, moving you across the whole dance floor with its pumping beat or as a DJ tool that will come in great for powering up the mix at its high point. This one is a definite reminder to everyone who has forgotten how pure techno sounds & feels like.

X-Term - drive baby... drive!! Kicks, snares, hats, kick-ass dark bass, back-spins & old school breaks... these are more than enough to send anybody on the real journey of electronic sound or more to be more precise "techno". Ups & downs track with a constant build-me-up structure which surprises with it’s complexity in simplicity. A true avantgarde & a pure techno classic, all in one!!

Bash - a track whose name is a description it self. This one is a real basher which will make you jump from one feet to the other even if it’s almost morning. Powerful beats combined with carefully implanted breaks and then spiced up with a mashed-up vocal together give us a real floor-killer! Caution for all the DJs out there: use this one only when you need a 'sure thing' on the floor! The future is now... and it's bashing around!

Dash - the story continues, as it should of course. Dash is actually some sort of a sequel to its rhyme brother 'Bash'. Pumping & driving techno track with sexxxy female vocal & kick-you-in-the-nuts bass! Ready for some 'action'?


[dig025] Dyspeptic - Breaking News EP

(whole release from www.archive.org)

.: 01 The Tramp (3:48)

.: 02 Jammer (3:20)

.: cover

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Break-beat... Nu-jazz... this is only a segment of what's waiting for you if you download this last piece of work done by our newly signed artist Dyspeptic called "Breaking News" EP. This is a 2 track EP which will not break the sound barrier but is certainly suitable to be a contestant for a 2008's spring theme throne. Up & down shifting trough each track. Changing the groove for several times during only few minutes for how long a track lasts – this work truly is worth of anyone’s attention. Melodies that are ready to wake you up as well as put you back to sleep, groove which can both – throw you around on the dancefloor with some sexy break-moves & make you want to sit down and just chill out on a sunny afternoon. The choice of what to do is yours.. Diggarama is a messenger bringing the word about Daniel Artner a.k.a. Dyspeptic who has some "Breaking News"!

The Tramp - mellow and calm, deep and smooth... Melodies from heaven bring joy to the listener with shaking beats. You'll fall in love listening to his one. Mark our words. Deep sound. So deep that you can't see the end.

Jammer - smart track for wise people... crossover of styles (seems to us heavily Propellerheads influenced, which is a good thing by all means), we kid you not. Oldschool synth playing the melody turns out to be... Well, you'll just have to listen. You'll be surprised us we were when we listened to this track for the first time. Then we listened to it again... and again... and again... Bless us!


[dig024] Exbreaker - Moscow Never Sleep EP

(whole release from www.archive.org)

.: 01 Moscow Never Sleep (5:12)

.: 02 Moscow Never Sleep (Instrumental) (5:12)

.: 03 Camoflage (3:09)

.: 04 It's Easy (Edit) (4:11)

.: cover

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We hit you hard this time... With sounds of Russian urban guerilla. Smashing your bass hard with the euphoric EP done by the Exbreaker. Heavily inspired by the Metalheadz and Virus labels you can expect only purest form of distorted basses and dirty beats. We can see clearly now... It's very obvious why Moscow never sleeps and why nights are long there. They all dance to sounds like these. This is our first, yes we'll repeat that... this is our first drum 'n' bass EP and we wanted it to be big and dirty and ... you know... Massive!

Moscow Never Sleep - a vocal version of this track is a classic drum 'n' bass track filled with fluid repetitive melody & powerfull bassline. The finest of today's drum 'n 'bass! A must hear and break on each dance floor where d'n'b means "something"!

Moscow Never Sleep (Instrumental) - an instrumental version brings us to the self exploration of the Rusian d'n'b scene trough this song. This version also includes more breaks and twist'n'turns. Once again, a bone-braker made to tear you apart on every floor on which ever part of the globe you are situated.

Camoflage - catchy stomper for jumping and twisting. Break them breaks! Selektah!

It's Easy (Edit) - aggresive and full. This track hit you hard with the wellknown dnb bass power. And then things start to move... And so will you. On the dancefloor.


[dig023] AEOD - Sadness EP

(whole release from www.archive.org)

.: 01 Tiffany I (7:12)

.: 02 Tiffany II (8:54)

.: 03 Why Did You Leave (4:58)

.: cover

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Sadness is a mood characterized by feelings of disadvantage and loss. A debut 3-track EP for AEOD on Diggarama is called "Sadness" EP. It’s no wonder that this EP carries this name since it’s filled with enigmatic melodies and strong, punctual and driving techno beat that should move you all around the floor. Starting with Tiffany I and continuing on Tiffany II in the same mood.. and then finishing up a 'sad & blue' story with mellow synths and pure techno beat followed by male vocals. An EP that guarantees pure US-techno quality and the innovation + evolution in the same as well. And so, as the philosopher Spinoza once said: "Sadness is a transfer of a person from a large perfection to a smaller one." – we leave you to enjoy this pure techno perfection.

Tiffany I - detroit techno in the purest form with melancholic vocal calling out for a certain Tiffany. Watch out for the fat and massive background action. Play it loud!

Tiffany II - smart sequal to the first Tiffany track… Darker and fatter. Dancefloor filler, mover and shaker. Face the fact, Detroit’s coming back… So once again, play it loud and with style this track deserves.

Why Did You Leave - while pumps heavily the third track shows the deepness of this release with… we can call them "autumn strings" and vocals spreading all over the track giving it sad atmosphere.


[dig022] Rabitza - Automatik

(whole release from www.archive.org)

.: 01 Sold (7:57)

.: 02 Abs (4:17)

.: 03 Electro Peace (4:59)

.: 04 Automatik (5:34)

.: 05 Summer Day (4:30)

.: 06 Synthetic Kisses (8:07)

.: 07 Glukocarbolaizer (6:26)

.: 08 Generation (5:03)

.: 09 Truck (5:05)

.: 10 Happy in the Box (4:07)

.: cover

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They come from Russia and they are lean mean sound machines. It’s very hard do describe their album since its fusion of styles and sonic journeys. Parts of it are pure experimental with specific Rabitza signatures and fingerprints all over it and some are pure energetic tracks for the floor… We bring you sonic light with this release. Beats are deep and fat, there are twists and plots all over the tracks… With smart and euphoric melodies. We just know this album will be very critically acclaimed. Groovness is powered by Rabitza!

Sold - minimal beats and mellow synths. A deep track that is suitable for playing in any club/venue or in the comfortable and private corner of your very own room at home. Relaxing & friendly oriented.. Inhale… Exhale … Enjoy …

Abs - a lead-in track with pure flow and 4/4 rhythm. Relaxing and heating-up beats + melody made out of nicest synths & bass.

Electro peace - a pure electro beat track ready to bring peace on the floor. Russian vocals are the last & the finest touch in this synth & bass electro song.

Automatik - takes you deeper into the creative chaos of Rabitza's sound-empire. 4/4 techno beats in combination with fat bass & 303 which just heathens up the atmosphere. Pure 303 enjoyment with a taste of Russian flavour.

Summer Day - a melodic minimalistic kicker in Rabitza style… Not much knick-knacks in it or some modern glitch materials but pure groove. We can only hope that minimal nowdays will take a form like this track. Watch for the break with melody.

Synthetic Kisses - groovy deep track for foggy mornings, very deep and classy.

Glukocarbolaizer - fast and precise.. dark yet liberating.. a track made to make you jump around. There are some interesting sounds that make this track one of our very own favourites. Connection to the Blade Runner is inevitable.

Generation - an electro FLOOR-KILLER!! This track is for certain to uplift you when feeling down and push you to go back even if you were just about to leave the dance floor. A must hear track for any tech-electro sound-lover!

Truck - jumpy track for the floor… For movers and shakers… For techno stompers and romper stompers. For all the people with good will to jump around. Jump, jump…

Happy in the Box - experimental tech-electro / tech-trance track.. Starts as a pure techno track, evolves into tech-trance, uplifts into experimental & after that pure "Super Mario" electro and then combines every style into one and only. Pure power!



[dig021] Boris The Blade - Muscle Override EP

(whole release from www.archive.org)


.: 01 Muscle Override (7:08)

.: 02 Blow Ur Ears (6:24)

.: cover

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Dirty, sulphoric and industrial... Coming from a great friend from a great label called Oscilator. No cheesy leads, no crappy beats just pure electro in its rawest form. This EP must be played at high voume, probably in residential area. Nuff said!


Muscle Override - robotnik electro track... It'll make you move the robot style and shake your entire body on the dancefloor. Shake, shake, shake it!

Blow Ur Ears - the title is correct. Earblower for sure... We kid you not. Once again for all of you electro lover with tendencies to electro-boogie, but this track has a twist. Some subtle acid stuff in the background. Score!


[dig020] Weltjugendtag Remixes EP

(whole release from www.archive.org)


.: 01 Weltjugendtag (bLURiX Remix)

.: 02 Weltjugendtag (Davor's Little Game Remix)

.: 03 Weltjugendtag (Perfect Blind's Deconstructed Drift)

.: 04 Weltjugendtag (DraCo's Queasy Play)

.: cover

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It's been more than 2 years since Weltjugendtag took place, and year and a half since the track with the same name was released on DoBox Recordings. Weltjugendtag or "World's Youth Day" is a story for everyone who's willing to open up and except what his future has to offer to him. 4 remixes on this EP are only a proof that everyone can be a part of Weltjugendtag, never mind the age, race, home country… 1 track, remixed by 4 producers = 4 masterpieces painted with the same colour scheme on the same silk and paper with a different approach. Today is the first day of the rest of your life.. the first day of the rest of your friend’s life and people’s around you lives… It’s never too late to give. Millions of people are around you… just waiting for something or someone. So, are you ready to be brave, to take the dare and do the next step?

If you are… Welcome to Weltjugendtag!


bLURiX - Weltjugendtag (bLURiX Remix) - experimental and melodical action from the creator of the original piece with experimental approach to melodies from the original

bLURiX - Weltjugendtag (Davor's Little Game Remix) - ambient idm-ish track but very euphoric with continuous build-up to gain the optimum attention in a best Squarepusher style

bLURiX - Weltjugendtag (Perfect Blind's Deconstructed Drift) - trailer style track with deconstructed melodies, sounds like Perfect Blind had a prefect vision of soundtrack for Silent Hill.

bLURiX - Weltjugendtag (DraCo's Queasy Play) - dirty electro-dnb-breakbeat-broken beat influenced track with some trancy and twistedly distorted synths from the original mix overlooked by the dark and claustrophobic synths and sweeps in the background.


[dig019] FM - Postwar Brutal Style

(whole release from www.archive.org)


.: 01 A Cubical Stone (1:05)

.: 02 Postwar Brutal Style (5:45)

.: 03 Rotation Has Been Crossed (4:49)

.: 04 A Grim String of Death and a Bitter Poison (5:14)

.: 05 Power Shower (5:00)

.: 06 When Lightning Strikes (5:52)

.: 07 Iron Lung (5:19)

.: 08 Smashed (1:00)

.: cover

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There is no man that had the power over the spirit to retain the spirit. Neither had he had power in the day of death: and there is no discharge in that war, neither shall wickedness deliver those that are given to it.

Not so far in the future all we know and care about will perish and be long gone within dust & wind that carries it. All the prophecies were correct, there's nothing left. The great War desolated everything. We bring you soundtrack for this desolated and abandoneded place with lonely desire to wake up from the dormancy. Postwar Brutal Style shows the audio future that will happen if we destroy everything. Dark, cloudy and blurry... Feeling afraid? You should be! From here to eternity we are left all alone and forgotten. Maybe... We have our guardian angels looking after us and the Grim Reaper himself. Death is looking at the Earth in the future as it's own little kinky playground.

And Death is a gentleman too. It makes good losers of us all. Life is more terrifying and more mysterious. After all; every life is precious. It's only vital to preserve it. And he strongly disagrees with that.

Time lost its relevancy... We came to the point where future cannot be predicted anymore; to the point of no return, no way back... There's only one thing left. The vision that brought us light is fading now... Once and forever.

Welcome to Postwar Brutal Style.


[dig018] Vadz - Mystique EP

(whole release from www.archive.org)


.: 01 Gluckonauts of Planet K (4:55)

.: 02 Let's Fly (6:29)

.: 03 Nuclear Volgodonsk (Dima Spell Remix) (6:29)

.: 04 Spaceman Depression (5:15)

.: 05 Psycho-Somatic (3:29)

.: cover

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Presenting the first EP but a second release on Diggarama from our Russian mate Vadz. His debut release was a powerful track from our V.A. birthday compilation called Mystique. Because of that track his debut EP is called Mystique and the name fits release perfectly. Dark and intriguing music with medieval atmosphere from time to time.

Vadz is master of suspense in this release with his unique style and electicism overpowering todays "strict to one style" forms and manners. Acid minimalism powered by some smart 303 foreplay making you tingle all the way. But do not be misguided, this is not minimal in any way... This is something new and different. It's mighty, it's dancefloor friendly and it's simply beautiful. From Russia with love to Diggarama and from Diggarama with love to you.

Gluckonauts of Planet K - electronic chill track with interesting melody. Watch out for the moment when the beat flies in fitting the melody prefectly. Distorted but so mellow that you can feel the warmth from your speaker.

Let's Fly - downtempo vocal acid track for times when you feel like whole world is against you and you just want to let everything go and to calm down. You can feel the acid elements in your bare soul especially in the middle part of the track. For so many years acid was dormant. Now it's back, in a new form, but with the same power.

Nuclear Volgodonsk (Dima Spell Remix) - smart vocals and party rhythm with a twist. Flowing and pointing at right place in mind that will make you nod and smile while listening to this.

Spaceman Depression - when you hear it for the first time, you become aware of the fact that you're not in Kansas any more... It's not strictly 4x4 but it's definitely for the floor. Strings playing the melody will make your head spin and you'll figure out that the end of the track came too early. And also, piano is a nice add on to the general track atmosphere.

Psycho-Somatic - dark-ish techno track with stunning bassline twirling and moving through the enitre track with some theme twists. If this is how the people with psycho-somatic problems feel, then we definately want to be like them.


[dig017] bLURiX - Tromenia EP

(whole release from www.archive.org)


.: 01 Tromenia (4:42)

.: 02 Tromonia (5:41)

.: 03 Tromunia (6:02)

.: cover

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Detroit is back... But with Croatian flavour. We might call it our secret Croatian-Detroit connection. Dark beats and fuzzy sounds combined to form a powerful EP with experimental twist but it's still 4x4 and for the floor. No glitch and similar new age stuff kids listen to these days. Only pure and powerfull 808 kicks and mighty Akai synth. Minimal effects used and maximum groove achieved.

Tromenia is envisioned country this EP represents and bLURiX is maestro that created soundtrack for the apocalyptical era in a world no man has ever seen before. That brings us to the question... is it really a half imagined world? Or just notes and sequences originating from a producers mind... Maybe this fantasy EP represents him as a person?!

Tromenia - kicking it gently in a oldschool detroit style... Tromenia introduces you to the journey into the envisioned country.

Tromonia - subtle kick and snare action followed by the smart clap action. Melody is in the background being just one part of the rhythm but giving a specific atmopshere.

Tromunia - dark and mighty kicking track with groovy synth work followed by some track actions with a twist.


[digx1] Various Artists - First Anniversary
(whole release from www.archive.org)
(mirror link at Diggarama site)


.: 01 Perfect Blind - Before the Rain

.: 02 Izmar - 808 Marley on LSD-909

.: 03 Gwyllions - The Experiment

.: 04 bLURiX - Coda Dove

.: 05 Derek Scott - Tracking Device

.: 06 AC3PO aka Mladi Tripio - Sinestet Svijet

.: 07 Analgetica Project - Pain Killer

.: 08 Oprosti - Jutra 2007

.: 09 G+Shame - Synthetic Phonk

.: 10 Illumination - Song of Life

.: 11 PsiloCybian - Hypnoza

.: 12 Yan Ots - Aliham

.: 13 Kexie - Detoxic Demilk

.: 14 Planet Boelex - 100kn

.: 15 Missklik - Izora

.: 16 Maxi & Shoxy - Let Me Try

.: 17 Daphne Darretta - Find the Piano

.: 18 Ronny Pries - Swift

.: 19 Doctor's Orders - Thumbler

.: 20 Vadz - Mystique

.: 21 Veztax - Judgement

.: 22 Edy C. - Cuarantena

.: 23 NuLix - Los Colegas Eléctricamente (Club RMX)

.: 24 Faktor2 - Moonbase (Remix by psycoded)

.: 25 FM - Tempomatic

.: 26 Psilodump - Snake4 (Simon Rahm Remix)

.: 27 DraCo - Traffics Away Worlds Away

.: 28 Guido - Halopa

.: 29 Flesh Modular - Final Design

.: 30 MBF - A Longlasting Night

.: 31 Flame - Our Way (Braintrans)

.: cover

.: or visit release page on archive.org and write a review


We give you our first year anniversary present. Producers from all the corners of the globe joined in and made this beautiful sound journey that will take you to the heavenly realms.

Close your eyes... Music is relentless, body is restless. Energy pumping through your veins is just a foreplay for what's about to happen. Worry not. World of wonders is ahead of you. Just reach out and embrace it. Never surrender, never dance alone. We shall share our wonders with you. Now... Open your eyes.

We're dedicating this release to you because you have been a big support, loyal friends and audience. We have never been prouder with the release. So many people created so many beautiful sounds varying from ambient and stylish electronica to banging techno with some slight detours into drum'n'bass and breaks waters and into dark electro-experimental clouds, but yet suitable for every ear and taste. There's a bit of everyone's cup of tea in this release, we kid you not.

PS One important note: Izmar's track is encoded in 128 kbps and we would also like to mention that Izmar created this track when he was 19 years old using an old 486DX4, Impulsetracker, 2xtb303, tr909 and a Juno106.


[dig016] Perfect Blind - Under the Beneath EP
(whole release from www.archive.org)


.: 01 Ethernion (5:56)

.: 02 Tranqua (Original Mix) (7:47)

.: 03 Map of Eden After the Storms (5:42)

.: cover

.: or visit release page on archive.org and write a review


Second EP from our very own Perfect Blind on Diggarama netlabel. And so the story goes on as the Deimos a.k.a. Perfect Blind leads us through the very deepest strata of the Earth core, and of course like that is being our guide, showing us what lies under the beneath. This EP is an evolution to the next level from the last EP done by the Perfect Blind. It's a 3-track EP filled with ambient, yet alive groove that will not leave anyone unsatisfied.. Under the benath EP is excatly as the name says – a representation of what lies beneath everything.. There's always a cover story, even in a thing called 'truth'. So, what's your story today? What's under the benath with you today? This EP is pure, 100% fluid truth made out of atmospherical sounds, effects and one man's screaming feelings and emotions... Melodic, ethereal and smart tb303 programming with some slight touches of broken beats.

Ethernion - Pure ethnic-ambience-primal drum 'n' bass influenced track... nature's way of saying that broken beats can be in balance with her.

Tranqua (Original Mix) - It's in our nature to be afraid of darkness. But always remember, there's nothing to fear but fear itself. Ignorance is the night of the mind, but a night without moon and star. We are not afraid of the darkness, we trust that the Moon shall guide us. This too, shall pass... And courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace. Look with favour upon a bold beginning.

Map of Eden After the Storms - In anything at all, perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away. Requiem for a dream, life and death... Memento mori.


[dig015] Yan Ots - Dancin' With The Sax EP
(whole release from www.archive.org)


.: 01 Original Mix (6:00)

.: 02 When I Went To Frisco Ben Crea Mix (6:52)

.: 03 Big Room Solo Dub (5:43)

.: 04 Latin Dub Mix (4:39)

.: cover

.: or visit release page on archive.org and write a review


It's been quite some time since house music has occupied the world with it's pure and gentle sound of funk & soul… Who ever said it was lost forever was very much wrong. Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present you Mr. know it & feel it all – Yan Ots, straight from Russia (currently residing in Germany). This release consists out of 4 tracks which will easily take over the control on the dancefloor aswell as be the perfect mood-generator for those sunny days infront of us… Sexy, soul, funky… 3 fords that will generally tell you everything you need to know if you're about to hear this one out! Pure pleasure in musical cloathing – that's what this EP is and it's ready to be served to you at once! So..inhale..exhale.. Relax… And enjoy this house EP…

Dancin' With The Sax (Original Mix) - groovy track with the most beautiful sax build up house has heard in a while... With intriguing female moanings and vocals in the background. Watch out for the sax solo near the end of the track...

Dancin' With The Sax (When I Went To Frisco Ben Crea Mix) - this is more dancefloor oriented remix... With piano that will bring smile to your face over and over again... And then pumping kick starts to drive followed by the funky house elements for all you house lovers out there... Funk that funk, people.

Dancin' With The Sax (Big Room Solo Dub) - this track will make you move on a dancefloor in a interesting manner... you will move and then stop to listen what's happening next. And what's next, you ask? Pure soulfull groove, dear listeners, in its best behaviour.

Dancin' With The Sax (Latin Dub Mix) - very atmospheric remix with some non-disturbing dub elements that flow through the whole track. Be sure to listen this at dawn or in the sunset. Open your sets with this... Play it in the middle... Listen at home... Listen at work... Or just relax and listen.


[dig014] Terrence Dixon - Sabbatical EP

(whole release from www.archive.org)


.: 01 Marathon (3:51)

.: 02 Forward (4:20)

.: 03 Cycling (4:20)

.: 04 Untitled (5:10)

.: cover

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Sabbatical has several meanings, but to decode the meaning of this one it's not necessary to have a dictionary next to you. Just embrace yourself to the fluid sound that comes out of this 4-track EP and the answer will come to you freely… Remember – the answer to the Sabbatical question is also influenced by the attitude and personality of the one that asks the question.

This is a classic work of Detroit's 'Master of Repetition' – Terrence Dixon. Minimal, techno, repetitive rhythm and melodies that evolve into itself and to the outside is the best way to describe this 4-track EP.

Final notice: you should listen to the whole EP track by track, not skipping tracks, because Dixon's repetitive & minimal approach to the sound shows it's full meaning and power by evolving the small yet most important details.

Marathon - every marathon is long and breathtaking but it's also a great challenge for anyone who's ready to take the self oriented test for stamina and long step-by-step evolving. This track has a nice, fluid & repetitive yet evolving musical-line followed up with constant hats as a part of the T. Dixon signature.

Forward - do not look back to what has been. What's in front of you is what matters, therefor it's of the highest importance that you keep going forward, always and forever, nevermind how hard it might get. This track is a reminder to that… It's a song that will make you visualize your goal more perfectly even trough the the rain and fire of trouble. The evolving synth-line is followed with 2nd synth-breaks which among everything come as a relaxation point in the constant going forward fast-tempo of life. Fully loaded with fluidity and experimental sound-approach, this track is the one that's suitable for playing in clubs and venues, but also in the humbble room of one's home.

Cycling - is a track that combines the specifications of the words 'forward' and 'marathon' – it is fast, it is sometimes hard but fun, there can be some forseen actions and occasions. This track is the one that fully brings us back the sound of T. Dixon's album released in the year 2000. on Tresor ('From The Far Future'). No more comments are needed except a big recomendation: A MUST HEAR!! Definitively a track that need to be heard on the floor aswell as in privacy of one's home.

Untitled - the track that's most enigmatic in some way… Maybe that's why it's name is 'Untitled'. This minimal, Detroit-sounding track needs no name to be great. This is the one that simply 'is' and does not need any further explanations or letter/word-based anouncement. Perfect arrangement completed with synths, hats and back noise sounds that will keep you knocked down to your chair while looking through the window into the blue sky of the new born day and simply relaxing on a saturday afternoon after a hard-working week.


[dig013] MBF - Beautiful World LP

(whole release from www.archive.org)


.: 01 Spomni se (Ona) (6:15)

.: 02 In The Land Of The Sun (3:44)

.: 03 Pohorje (4:55)

.: 04 Wonderful Day (5:02)

.: 05 Ljudski vrt (6:47)

.: 06 Wien-Mitte (6:20)

.: cover

.: or visit release page on archive.org and write a review


Beautiful World is an LP written by a young man that produces music in an early 90's manner. This will be a real treat to all of you who were into acid-trance sound, as we called it in those days. We could describe it as gentle and slower but still melodic trance sounds that slightly resembles the old releases of the Eye Q label, before it was shut down in 1997 due to some financial problems, with some weird but yet higly listenable crossover schemes with house music. This LP is filled with catchy melodies and stomping rhythms that are characteristic for the early rave phase sounds.

Yes, this is truly a tribute to the greatest releases of the trance era, before the old trance died away and new psy/goa sounds were born. Altough we release this LP in the weirdest of all winters, the one without any snow at all and serious lack of subzero temperatures (which is a good thing), remember it for summer listening. Because, dear friends this is very warm and ethereal release that deserves to be played sometime in the morning hours when sun rises above the beach and the sea were ravers danced the night away...

Spomni se (Ona) - slow intro theme with strings to die for. Melody is very subtle and unintrusive.

In The Land Of The Sun - it's very hard to define this tracks. It's somewhere between ambient and trance. So, we might call it trambient, so to say. Melody is very sad. This one is for all people who suffer from insomnia, we shit you not.

Pohorje - starts a bit odd-ish... Dark sounds that will fool you this is some messy and dirty track. This one is very cheerful. It reaches its peak around the end of 2nd minute. When rhythm and melody are bind together to form very unique sound.

Wonderful Day - trancy-dreamy-house. Also very hard to describe this track. This one you should figure out by yourself.

Ljudski vrt - We (Diggarama team) had flashbacks of old raves when we were listening this track... It sounds like the great Thomas Peter Heckmann aka Drax Ltd. was here with us in the form of our artist MBF. Ljudski vrt reminds us of his great track and one of the best electronic music masterpieces of all time - Amphetamine. Very unique melody with euphoric elements... Everyone who heard Amphetamine at some party will know that we're not gone mental and that this is the Amphetamine of the year 2007.

Wien-Mitte - another dreamy-trance tune that more fits the house music profile, but yet isn't house because of it's melodies and somewhat trancy strings.


[dig012] PsiloCybian - The Act Of Conspiring EP

(whole release from www.archive.org)


.: 01 Theory to Conspire (7:16)

.: 02 When Fiction Becomes Science (7:44)

.: 03 Pancake Time (Bonus) (7:04)

.: cover

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We believe in past, present and future. We believe that the future is in the past. Uncover the secrets of the past and you will get the crystal clear vision of the future. Open your mind but keep your visions. Believe in oneself and believe that music is your medicine and remedy. We bring you this time a full-on psychedelic experience that will broaden your perspective of sound endeavours. See without watching, feel without touching, travel without moving... Fast forward to future and enjoy this psychedelic trip.

Theory to Conspire - close you eyes...set your body in motion... you're one with the nature and people around you. Powerfull and euphoric with psy melody that will make you fly high. This space cadet track will show you that psy trance hasn't died. It was just dormant.

When Fiction Becomes Science - what happens when fiction becomes real? Levitation theories? Conspiracy theories? Is there any hope? Are we here? Or is anything out there? This energetic track will make you think of issues like those.

Pancake Time (Bonus) - track with most awesome and powerful bassline. The theme is morphing and changing all the time bringing energy to the listener. Spread your hands and pray, children of the Sun. The new era is ahead of you.


[dig011] Izmar - Inception EP

(whole release from www.archive.org)


.: 01 G-Brand (7:36)

.: 02 Opening (Vocal) (4:30)

.: 03 Exception (3:04)

.: cover

.: or visit release page on archive.org and write a review


Very calm and meditative EP. Outback to dreamtime and dreamlands. Floating gently into myths and dreams with very unique overwhelming feeling in all tracks. Open your consciousness... Let this sounds inside your mind. You'll get the clear vision what Izmar inteded to do with these tracks. Find yourself within your domain and see the inner truth. Dreaming is a form of astral travel. Start dreaming...

G-Brand – a building story with an easy flow and melancholic, yet beautiful guitar strings. Ambiental, but moving song with a complete soul in it self. This story is everevolving for a complete 7.30 minutes. A true heaven for anyone who's into highest quality of sound & music.

Opening (Vocal) – we could very easily call it "the goal of the EP"... a masterpiece that REALY doesn't need any introduction or text info at all. Ambiental & fluid; with a beautiful female vocal giving this track a final extravagant touch. This is the song for a good morning... For the day that's right before you.. After just opening your eyes in the dawn, you could look out the window and just about say: "You are a mistery to me…"

Exception – groovy, yet quite calm track filled with synths and a beat that will not leave anyone unsatisfied – it fits just fine as a "I'll make my bed" track, or as an "I'll hug the whole world today!!" track... An intro track with a cheerful and happy theme and a nice way to start this EP.


[dig010] Doctor's Orders - Silencetrax EP

(whole release from www.archive.org)


.: 01 Foxhole (7:04)

.: 02 Shelter (4:58)

.: 03 The Grave Digger's Song (5:49)

.: cover

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What's the most powerful sound, the most outrageous thing to which your hearing has ever been exposed? Here at Diggarama we do know the true meaning of music and sound in general..and we also do know the true power of silence.. Therefor we would like to present to you the 2nd EP of our very own artist Doctor's Orders - "Silencetrax EP".

Doctor's Orders' Silencetrax EP is all about the deep exploration of mistery of sound.. the mistery of silence.. No, this 3 track EP is not filled with 3 tracks of silence, but with 3 tracks..corrcection! - 3 "documentaries" that will try to solve the riddle of sound with exceptional tools like - drums, bass, synth.. and all very nicely packed in a unique Doctor's Orders a.k.a. Gizmo style. Creative, fluid, yet dirty and outrageously-high voltage sounding. - Not to be missed.. And by the way - keep your lights on while listening to this one..we don't want you to fall.......a sleep...

Foxhole - so very very very idm-ish track...Sounds like Autechre met with Michael Paradinas in a wicked co-operation track. Beats are broken and hard, and we don't mind the bleeps, either.

Shelter - it's hard to define the style of this track... Because the elements change all the time. From electro to techno sounds. But in somewhat new form which we dig a lot because of some nice geek-sounds that appear in the background all the time. Geektronica, ladies and gentleman... Tuned for your ears.

The Grave Digger's Song - very dark track with Exorcist-like atmosphere which gives us creepers, but then the minimalistic melody starts and all is good. Following them is some mighty guitar sound... But the beats are the main thing. Deep kick is in the background, but you know he's always there.


[dig009] G+Shame - Hg EP

(whole release from www.archive.org)


.: 01 Radioaktiv (3:30)

.: 02 Core Meltdown (4:57)

.: 03 Dark Cyde (6:28)

.: 04 Midnight Express (4:35)

.: cover

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"We knew the world will not be the same…" - This line that was taken from the EP's track «Radioaktiv» says it all.. Dirty, dirty, dirty – yet can't get my hands off of it – electro at it's best! " Hg" is the new EP on Diggarama net-label and the first one from our new signed artists from Belgrade – G+Shame. No time to panic people!! It's time to break down the walls and start a new-electronic-world raveolution with our fresh signed duo G+Shame and their 4-track lesson electro EP: «Hg» … Don't have to enjoy it – just listen to it.. Instructions will follow …

Radioaktiv – powerful and dark intro tune... Horror vocal is explaining facts about Prince of Darkness, Death and Destroyer of Worlds. After that, some mighty filtered vocals are taking you to a journey into the world of radioactive future and atomic shelters.

Core Meltdown – melodic and atmoshperic track... Combination of Kraftwerk and Aux 88, which we like...

Dark Cyde – track filled with some interesting synth actions... Changing all the time.

Midnight Express – Tamara Dinka in co-operation with G+Shame... Yummy! Her vocals make you listen to Midnight Express over and over sounding like combination between Anne Clarke (holy mother of recitals) and Miss Kitten (commercial blabber), which we also like... And so will you.


[dig008] Veztax - Listen But Wath Ur Step

(whole release from www.archive.org)


.: 01 Veztax - Home With Taxi (3:47)

.: 02 Veztax - Stranger-X (5:21)

.: 03 Veztax - Tripin (5:44)

.: 04 Veztax - Model (5:19)

.: 05 Veztax - Exer (6:02)

.: 06 Veztax - Night Walk (5:30)

.: 07 Veztax - Say Again (5:30)

.: 08 Veztax - Mininator (5:15)

.: 09 Veztax - Secret of Life (5:18)

.: cover

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Diggarama Team is proud to present you the first album to be released by Diggarama net-label under name: "Listen But Watch UR Step" - done by our new-signed Slovenian techno artist Veztax.

This is a 9-track album filled with beats, synths, bass that will not leave you any space to run away. It's out and it's here coming to get you and win your vote on beeing one of the best electronic-music albums on record & net-labels in 2006.

Uplifting techno beats with extra ingredients of electro, mnml, etc.. It would be a great sin for you to miss out this one!!

Home With Taxi - introduction track, breakbeat-ish dark piece of work.

Stranger-X - dark detroit techno track with squeaking synth.

Tripin - basic techno track with reversed dark vocals and easy-to-remember melody.

Model - perfect techno track for opening of some set. This one will definately make people move on the dancefloor.

Exer - very experimental track, but yet interesting... Also breakbeat-ish with some synth that will make your head spin.

Night Walk - techno track... Perfect for night driving and other "night situations".

Say Again - total kicker... Superb techno synths with 4x4 rhythm. This one will stay in your head for a long time.

Mininator - mnml-ish piece of sound with a twist.

Secret of Life - smart techno track featuring some nice female vocal. We presume it'll be a floor-filler.


[dig007] N-ter - What R They EP

(whole release from www.archive.org)


.: 01 N-ter - Elmer Davis (4:02)

.: 02 N-ter - Lens (4:53)

.: 03 N-ter - What R They (4:55)

.: cover

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First contact! Aliens have approached Earth as refugees fleeing the catastrophic destruction of their own world. The aliens need only one thing: human dead. Bodiless, the aliens cannot exist without hosts. Suitable hosts are rare and the aliens cannot live indefinitely without a host. When they begin moving strange gasses and electronic gear to Earth a scientist wonders what they plan...

What if you were to wake up to a different world tomorrow... a world of invaders? Would you raise your voice with the aliens, in a chant of remembrance and regret, bidding farewell to a vanished world? Or would you fight against those who might ultimately help us?

This is the ultimate electro EP in our journey of sound explorations done by the N-ter. Dark and powerful. Must be played at high volume. There's nothing wrong with you... You're just being taken over by the sounds of the... maybe not so far future.

Elmer Davis - ... is asking you "is anything there?". Yes, there's definately something there. Throughout the ages humans have looked to the heavens and wondered, "Where did we come from, and where are we going?" But will we find those answers in the stars, or in ourselves?

Lens - If knowledge is power and power corrupts... how will humankind ever survive? Will we be slaves or slaughtered. Or maybe they just want to say 'sup? We doubt that. Lens is the perfect soundtrack for the battle for the homeworld. Some men lose themselves in war... others find themselves. Fight back, dammit... Fight back!

What R They - The more we learn about the universe around us, the more we realize how little we truly know. But we will only find what wonders await us if no false walls are built around our explorers, and no false restraints applied to the unquenchable human thirst to know it all. Sleep soundly in the knowledge that the dawn will come. Rest assured that our leaders are watching over us. But beware. For it is only their vigilance that stands between our restful slumber... and the end of the world.


[dig006] FM - Genady Corsakov EP

(whole release from www.archive.org)


.: 01 FM - Nobody Knows The Trouble I Cause (4:26)

.: 02 FM - Purple Eyes (The Dub) (4:51)

.: 03 FM - Saved By The Bell (6:34)

.: cover

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Maestro FM brings you an EP in a mnml, but yet in a dancefloor friendly fashion. Groove is in the air and on the dancefloor.


Nobody Knows The Trouble I Cause - a great example that mnml doesn't necessary has to be glitchy. On the contrary, when the melody hits you around middle of the track you'll say "Gimme more, please!".


Purple Eyes (The Dub) - this track is slow driving, but still grooving part of the EP. Dubby elements put this one in a category of "perfect for after parties" or "chilling at home".


Saved By The Bell - soundtrack for a lazy sunday... If Purple Eyes is soundtrack for chilling then this track is an overture to a great night out. We at Diggarama suggest you to listen to it during Saturday night fever. The main theme will launch you far far away...


[dig005] Electrixx - Metronom EP

(whole release from www.archive.org)


.: 01 Electrixx - Metronom (5:27)

.: 02 Electrixx - Kick It (5:50)

.: 03 Electrixx - No Way (6:28)

.: cover

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This time we have a realy sweet treat for all of you electro-techno music fans. Talk is cheap! – Therefore – Diggarama team proudly presents:

Metronom EP by Electrixx… This EP is a gift to all Electrixx fans. Tracks on this EP are the ones that were not ment to be realeased in the first place but to be presented to the true electronic-music listeners, fans, lovers as a reward for beeing faithful and true to electronic-music scene and to themselves in that way…. The best description of this release would be that it’s a combination of interesting and orgasmic electronic sounds and excellent vocals driven through their creative minds.

Metronom - fusion of pop, electro and electronic substyles. Inspiration for Metronom track came from a club which had the same name, but unfortunately it was closed. This tune will drive you through melodic electronic sounds, and female vocals which will leave you breathless. Enjoy the ride!

Kick it - electro-techno tune with fantastic atmosphere which is not straight in some beats like drums. It is a mix beetween 4x4 techno beats and 3x3 string atmosphere. Party on!

No Way - track with wicked arrangment and excellent female vocals. This techno-electro was made in the end of 2005. This is one of those tracks that will for sure NOT! make you switch off the power of your player but pump up the volume for personal joy.


[dig004] Deimos pres. Perfect Blind – Reminiscence EP

(whole release from www.archive.org)


.: 01 Deimos - Black Dawn (7:35)

.: 02 Deimos - Train of Thoughts (8:23)

.: 03 Deimos - Space Traveler (5:05)

.: cover

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"The tracks on this very EP were made in the past several months - and are, as the name itself says, reflecting on my moods, thoughts and contemplations in that period of time. Varrying from more agressive
to ambiental, from darker to brighter, this short journey is trying to find the perfect balance between all these emotions and soundscapes. Enjoy this release, and peace be with You!" [Deimos]

Black Dawn - Opening the EP, Black Dawn is a fierce, yet atmospheric downtempo-breakbeat track. Its dark mood and more agressive rhythm are really quite different than the rest of the EP - as it has been made in some more turbulant times of my life... So, powerful synths, brooding melodies and moving beat ss what You should expect in this black-coloured tune...

Train of Thoughts - Following, is a more experimental approach to chillout trance music. Its easy 4/4 rhythm, combined with melodical and relaxing soundscapes, is perfect for chilling out and slowly nodding your head to the beat at the same time. This track is a result of the time after all the events that happened, and me finally finding my balance for the moment. Take a ride on Your train of thoughs.

Space Traveler - Finishing the EP, this is a bit more "classical" ambient track. Maybe you can call it a "ying" to Black Dawn's "yang" - relaxing atmospheres, gently rolling percussions, and a lot of tiny details that will only induce Your mind for a trip to space, to Your own world - just as it did to me when I was creating it. Enjoy...


[dig003] Doctor's Orders - Troll EP

(whole release from www.archive.org)


.: 01 Doctor's Orders - Birth (2:28)

.: 02 Doctor's Orders - Aftertaste (5:04)

.: 03 Doctor's Orders - Troll (6:22)

.: 04 Doctor's Orders - Anxiety (5:41)

.: cover

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"Do you have an appointment?" - This time it's time for a house visit of our new artist on Diggarama - "Doctor's Orders" with his debut 'TROLL EP'. Sit down and let doctor know what's the trouble... Energetic, rhythmic, filled with sounds that will give you a taste of what it feels like to be in the doctor's hands. Techno is the main word in this EP and if you want to hear 4 superb tracks of the same hear out this EP - follow the "Doctor's Orders"!!!

Birth - Mellow, yet serious. The mood tune. The track itself is a soundscape to another dimension of audio experience. Smart foreplay into Troll EP.

Aftertaste - Yummy... Catchy melody with smart electro beats. A genuine speaker blaster ladies and gents, we kid you not. Electro anthem. Word.

Troll - Now you're able to hear how real dirty cross-over between electro and techno sounds. Hard snare, electro basedrum and screaming sounds which give us a perfect party atmosphere. Doctor's Orders blessed us with high energy electro track which hangs on a thin line between techno and electro.

Anxiety - the outro with skillfully filtered vocal that gives us the creepers. Horror movie soundtrack in full effect.


[dig002] DraCo - Drummer's Soul EPcover by Lekke

(whole release from www.archive.org)


.: 01 DraCo - Drummer's Dawn (1:18)

.: 02 DraCo - Drummer's Soul (6:34)

.: 03 DraCo - Drummer's Path (3:59)

.: cover

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From the dawn of time... In a craddle of human culture, deep in the heart of the black continent, people used to communicate with drums. Wars were brewing, battles were fought and many dawns have started with the beating of the drums.

Hear the drummer's beat, see his dawn, meet his soul and walk along his path. The drums are speaking to you... Can you hear them?
Drummer's Dawn represents the dawn of a new day... It is the taste of the day that's in front of the drummer - in front of You. This track is the lead-in song... Tribal beats will let You know what You can or can't expect on this EP. Drums in it's natural form..

Drummer's Soul is hardbeating crucial part of this EP. It's a perfect desription of a drummer's every-day life, his thoughts, his battles, his heart & finally – his soul. Very gentle and atmospheric female vocals give the tribal feel to this track.

Drummer's Path is almost like a soundtrack for battle Royal. Where only one tribe will survive among the many. Uplifting tribal beats will have you dancing on the floor until the end…


[dig001] bLURiX & DraCo - Love To Dig EP

(whole release from www.archive.org)

.: 01 bLURiX - Mellody 24 (1:55)

.: 02 bLURiX - Selma On The Run (5:00)

.: 03 DraCo - Moj Svijet (4:12)

.: 04 bLURiX - Nero Burnt Holly (6:08)

.: cover

.: or visit release page on archive.org and write a review


Our very first release, dear friends... We took a weird trip into abstract sounds and experimental universe of soundscapes.

Mellody 24 is a deep down and scary intro into this EP. Strings only. If this doesn't put you in the right mood, nothing will.

Selma On The Run is very idm-ish track by it's sounds and form, but wrapped into bLURiX' special style of managing sounds.

Moj Svijet is a 4x4 track which might pass for mnml but it's not. So, let's clear it... It's almost minimal. Very experimental but mellow, yet not in cheesy manner. But stylish. Dark, but positive.

Nero Burnt Holly was recently performed live by bLURiX at some party and the crowd drooled a bit and eventually went wild. Female vocals that might not even be a vocal is spread all over that tracks which will definately remind you of mermaid's song.



[dig001] bLURiX & DraCo - Love To Dig

[dig002] DraCo - Drummer's Soul

[dig003] Doctor's Orders - Troll

[dig004] Deimos - Reminiscence

[dig005] Electrixx - Metronom

[dig006] FM - Genady Corsakov

[dig007] N-ter - What R They

[dig008] Veztax - Listen But Watch Ur Step

[dig009] G+Shame - Hg

[dig010] Doctor's Orders - Silencetrax

[dig011] Izmar - Inception

[dig012] PsiloCybian - The Act Of Conspiring

[dig013] MBF - Beautiful World

[dig014] Terrence Dixon - Sabbatical

[dig015] Yan Ots - Dancin' With The Sax

[dig016] Perfect Blind - Under the Beneath

[digx1] Various Artists - First Anniversary

[dig017] bLURiX - Tromenia

[dig018] Vadz - Mystique

[dig019] FM - Postwar Brutal Style

[dig020] Weltjugendtag Remixes

[dig021] Boris The Blade - Muscle Override

[dig022] Rabitza - Automatik

[dig023] AEOD - Sadness

[dig024] Exbreaker - Moscow Never Sleep

[dig025] Dyspeptic - Breaking News

[dig026] Pasquale Maassen - Open Source

[dig027] Perfect Blind - Discoveries

[dig028] BlueForest - Awakening

[dig029] DraCo - Apocrypha

[dig030] Nesha Tehnika - NBG Driver

[dig031] FM - Definition

[dig032] Sascha Müller - Tank

[dig033] Drummers Soul Remixes

[dig034] V. A. - Diggabeats

[dig035] Blurix - The Next Day EP

[dig036] Deimos - Ruptured EP

[dig037] AEOD - Fin Du Monde EP

[dig038] Mammal Footwork - Wallop Remix

[dig039] Mix-toor - Paper Heart


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